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White City Township Community Council

April 1, 2009 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Troy Blundell, Chair, there was a quorum.

  • Welcome, Introductions and then Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jeremy Christensen. Welcomed Trisha Beck, Brenda Walton and Brody Waldrum to the meeting.

  • Paulina Flint made a motion to change the agenda item 2 to read March minutes rather than December. Motion seconded and approved. Kay Dickerson presented the March 4th, 2009 minutes for approval. Don Patocka made a motion to approve the March 4th Minutes, it was seconded and approved.

  • Jeremy Christensen gave the Treasurer’s report for March. Paulina Flint made a motion to approve the report. Motion was seconded and approved.

  • Brody Waldrum from the Sheriff’s Department gave the a report on the illegal dumping on the corner by Sego Lily and 700 East, but it needs to go to Planning and Zoning Department for illegal dumping. . Brody indicated that the Stats are not available this early in the month. Only 1 drug case open in White City area. Discussion on an article that appeared in the local paper about Sandy Hills Area and White City about Drug problem in these areas. The primary problem is with prescription drug abuse which is leading to a greater use of illegal drugs. Paulina Flint recommended that we revitalize Crime Watch Program and Coordinators.

  • Paulina Flint made a motion to move to the next agenda item on the agenda. Motion approved and we proceeded to the item on Parks and Recreation 2010 Budget requests.

  • Paulina Flint and Jeremy Christensen attended the Parks and Recreation meeting and indicated that the rest of the meeting followed the following items.

  • Priorities established for scheduling parks to local residents first.

  • Completing parks master plan prior to developing new ones.

  • Refocus on county communities not just cities.

  • Capacity and Safety studies of all county parks.

  • The County is entering into Partnerships and thinking of divesting some of the Parks. They are meeting with cities rather than maintaining Parks. There is a move to add additional Baseball Diamonds at Cottonwood Park with no additional parking.

  • Paulina Flint made two motions, one to recommend to ACCT for the County to conduct Capacity and Safety Studies for all of the County Parks. And two requesting that for scheduling the Parks residents in the areas are given priority over none residents within these park areas and that event falls within the parks requirements for Zoning and capacity requirements. Motions seconded and passed.

  • Don Patocka made a motion to recommend to ACCT to request that the County complete the Master Plans for the current Parks before starting new ones. Motion seconded and approved.

  • Bev Uipi gave the Mayor’s report. Linda Hamilton and Phil Bernal are the Planning and Zoning Interim Directors. We will get a hard copy of the Planning and Zoning issues that are to be presented to the councils for review. She passed out a copy of the Graffiti Ordnance to be reviewed by mid May. Megan will take any input. Domestic Fowl Ordnance, we gave a letter to Bev on our position to the ordnance. We opposed the ordnance as written because of clarity. Trailer rental issue was discussed for some time and it is a service issue and not for profit. This may continue for awhile as for now. Pam Roberts director of Sanitation Department has been inundated with requests. Skate ramps in residential Areas are a concern about noise and are regulated by the Health Department. Big Cottonwood Park Master Plan is being looked at. UTA is looking at changes in ADA rates. Valley TV Channel 17 County is a partner in the station. If we do not have a conflict we do not have to sign form. County form for volunteers is the same as the council forms. Paulina Flint made a motion to ask ACCT to support an ACCT(County) Disclosure Form. Motion seconded and approved.

  • Public Works education day is on the White City website. Paulina Flint will take the action to write a letter to the schools about the contest being sponsored by County Public Works.

  • Jeff Graviet, County Community Emergency Services Coordinator took a few minutes to inform us about the emergency preparedness within the county. It is a self sufficient program and is an individual preparation for at least 72 Hours. Need to develop CERT teams within areas. Also need individual family plans.

  • Discussed the upcoming School District division and it was decided that we need to take action on the use of Eastmont Middle School for our meetings. Jeremy Christensen made a motion to have Paulina Flint to write a letter to Canyons School District (Dr. David Doty) and request the use of Eastmont Middle School at no cost for our Council meetings. Motion seconded and approved.

  • Greg Schultz gave the West Side Community Council report. 700 East, Carnation Drive to 11400 south letting out bids about July 1. 1300 E. improvement. Selected contractor will announce 2 April. Ground breaking second week of May. UDOT managing contractor. Paulina Flint made a motion to write a letter to Sandy City expressing our concerns over the 1300 East project. Paulina Flint and Troy Blundell will prepare the letter. Division of School Districts may be delayed over division of assets and it is still in court and Legislative action.

  • ACCT Planning and Zoning Training Workshop-In depth education on what is required in Planning and Zoning and legal steps required. 23 May Sat. 8am to 4pm in the County Council Chambers.

  • New Business-Found two monument portions that have White City on the stones and can be put into current monuments. White City Days need volunteers for planning-Troy Blundell, Kay Dickerson and Jeremy Christensen. Ceremony for official signing of Township Bill, next Tuesday. Bids for banner on Township Day-Fed-Ex and Staples. Money for insurance may have to come from Councils. Need to get tax ID number.

  • Meeting was adjourned.