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November 7, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Chair, There was a Quorum.

  • Introduction proceeded

  • Pledge of Allegiance was recited

  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to approve the September and October Minutes motion carried

  • Gene Robinson read and discussed the treasures report, Paulina gave a break down for the election cost (20.00 for maps that were posted 29.92 or the maps lamination 399.92 elections for banners). Don Patocka motioned to approve the Treasures Report, motion carried

  • Don Patocka motioned to defer the election report, motion carried

  • Mayor Corroon read and discussed the county budget proposal, hiring of new sheriffs personal, county emergency preparedness manager, million trees project, the safer side walk program, proposal of 2 new code enforcement officers, road and engineering crews, after school programs, county wide atlas project, code informant tracking system, good neighbor program pamphlet was distributed, winter storm parking of the roads, hb40 study committee, equestrian park expansion. Mayor Corroon also discussed the lead based program and the loan program the county has to offer. Thanked Mayor Corroon for presenting him self.

  • Citizens from South of 10600 s. asked the mayor if he could help with their private lane (1245 E.) and the encroaching problem they have with certain neighbors. Corroon appointed Bev Uipi to follow up on this matter.

  • Don Patocka motioned to move to the election report, motion carried

  • Art Kimball read and discussed the election report, he stated that the election was a magnificent election and all laws were followed. Art Kimball noticed that Greg Schultz was appointed a poll watcher as well as Bonnie Cummings was appointed a count watcher. Art Kimball announced the unofficial election results (official report will be announced at the next canvass meeting). Sharon Green protested that it was an unfair election. Art Kimball stated that he will have an official election report submitted to the secretary before the next council meeting. Bonnie Cummings motioned to destroy the ballets, no second, motion denied.                 Bonnie Cummings motioned to destroy the ballets after the canvas meeting, motion carried. Art stated that there was 891 ballots cast.

  • Paul Smith and Art Kimball wanted to express there appreciation to Sherrie Swenson, James Dixon motioned to write a letter to Sherrie Swenson of appreciation, election pollers, and election officials, motion carried

  • Levi Hughes read and discussed the sheriffs report, Robert Sampson (Captain) introduced him self, and Sheriff Jim Winder introduced him self. Levi Hughes passed out incident maps and talked about recent problems and solutions.

  • Bev Uipi stated gave an update about parking with in Bear Park, and gave us our option with Bear Park. No resolve was made

  • Andrea Pollos gave a safer side walk update and informational material.

  • Mike Durfee read and discussed code enforcement and discussed rental properties and the possible future cost to the owner. Also the change in the noticing time for code informant. Also he stated that the new way of tracking the complaints thru a new internal program.

  • Greg Schultz gave his prospective on the White City Council Election, Greg gave his up date on the local Sheriff’s District, Jordan School District Split, Cog and Wasatch Front

  • Paulina Flint talked and discussed the Community Council Ethical Conduct Forms, Bonnie Talked about ACCT position that they want input and a position from all the councils and then take a position on it and take it to the county.

  • Troy Blundell talked and discussed the HB40 update

  • Paulina Flint stated that all the council member have a letter from Neil Stack

  • Rene Christensen election for the sandy suburban sewer district positions was discussed

  • Paul Jeffries asked about the TIF committee and how the council was attached to that committee. Paulina Flint stated that the TIF committee was not associated with the council. Sharon Green stated that it was a political committee and was used for gain for elections.  Paul also addressed the council and asked the council why they haven’t focused on the survey that was done @ 2004 and why they focused on the least voted item. Paul Jeffries made a special request as a citizen for communication from the council

  • Don Patocka motioned point of order

  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to ask Paul Jeffries back to the next meeting to discuss the survey. Motion carried

  • James Dixon asked for the council support to sign off and accept Trevor Pearson’s Eagle project. Bonnie Cummings motioned to entertain James in this endeavor, motion carried.

  • Meeting Adjourned