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White City Community Council

October 3rd, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Chair, There was a Quorum.
  • Introduction proceeded
  • Pledge of Allegiance was recited
  • James Dixon deferred minutes to next month due to personal time restraint
  • Gene Robinson read and discussed treasures report
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to accept treasures report, motion carried
  • Paulina let known that there will be different cost for the news letter and to be discussed later along with the election map of $20.00
  • Art Kimball talked and discussed with council the election officer’s report. The election group consisting of Don Patoka, Paul Smith, Art Kimball, and James Dixon they meet over the week end. Discussion of the election processes and duties including polling locations, candidacy forms, ect… was discussed. Art Kimball noted that all candidates could have a poll and count watcher. Art noted all applications that have been turned into him at this point.
  • Zoning issues at 999 e. Galena Dr. was discussed by Paul Ashton that white city water improvement district has applied for a condition use permit because of a complaint from a citizen to allow them to use this area as a storage, construction area and allow a generator on a trailer. Paul Ashton stated that all equipment is exclusively used for the public. Paul asked for community council’s support. Don Patocka motioned to approve plans as presented, motion carried. Paulina Flint stated that she would fill out a letter and get it to the county.
  • Don Patocka motioned to move item number 6 (Janet Geyser) to later in the meeting. Motion carried
  • Don Patocka motioned to move item number 7 and 8 (Deputy Levy Hughs and Bev Uipi) to later in the meeting. Motion carried
  • Greg Shultz discussed the school district split Greg advised that the feasibility studies was not valid of the schools, local sheriff’s district and Cog and Wasatch front. Greg stated for the community councils but was paid from Salt Lake County Council. Greg gave a quick over view of HB40 that 5 of the 9 cities have signed an interlocal agreement to the county. Bonnie Cummings motioned to accept Greg Shultz report motion carried
  • Janet Geyser talked about the community council Ethical Conduct Forms. She invited the council to attend the act training, time was not stated. She told the history of the indemnification form and how it was to be. Don Patocka motioned to proceed with adopting this ethical conduct form. Motion carried
  • Don Patocka motioned to ask ACCT to have the councils go back and take this document back to the other community councils and get reeducated on the process of ethical conduct. Motion carried
  • Levi Hughes passed out maps, talked and discussed the sheriffs update, that the winter time is a time for more car theft and people should be careful. Captain Mickelson talked and discussed the sheriffs substation
  • Don Patocka motioned to send a letter to the county councils supporting the sheriffs budget request, motion carried
  • Bev Uipi talked and discussed the mayor’s report, discussion was held about Bear Park and what the council wants to suggest for the purpose of the park. Paulina Flint stated that the next meeting there would be a bear park discussion and that the council should notify the residence. Bev Uipi stated that there will be temporary speed bumps installed and then the residence along poppy will be asked if they want them there or not after a certain time. James Dixon motioned to move to item 14 of the agenda (Poppy Lane Sidewalk Update) motion carried. Paulina talked and discussed the ramification of the side walks, Paulina stated that in September 2006 there was a request for a traffic calming study from the county. Paulina stated that the council was never notified about sidewalks along Poppy lane. James Dixon stated that besides the prior meeting there was not any mention of side walks along Poppy lane. James Dixon stated that the sidewalks along Larkspur, that the citizens were ecstatic about their side walk, that were installed. Further discussion was held with out resolution
  • Bonnie Cummings asked for three minutes to talk to the council, her statements were directed about her feelings about the community and how the county has done a great job for White City. She stated that she felt that the side walk issue was an insult to the county on behalf of white city. She asked for the county’s forgiveness. She stated that she had problems with Paulina Flint. Bonnie left the room. Paulina stated that there was due process and she would not apologize for due process. Paulina stated that she was embarrassed for people who do not recognized due process. Sharon Green stated that she was notified prior to this problem and asked Paulina why she didn’t call her during the side walk incident. Paulina stated that Sharon was mistaken about the time frame. More discussion was held with out resolve.
  • Anita Nelson talked and discussed the rental properties along Violet Dr. and the action taken. She talked and discussed with the council about any issue with the community pertaining to code informant.
  • James Dixon stepped down as a newsletter volunteer, Paulina Flint addressed the newsletter. Carrie Hansen motioned to remove the candidacy forms from the newsletter and put in community news, motion carried.
  • James Dixon addressed the beautification committee, James stated that the committee meet and wants to delay the committee from taking action until January/February.
  • Troy Blundall gave a brief up date of HB40
  • Paulina Flint addressed the cost of the newsletter of $771.00 James Dixon motion to pass out the newsletter by hand, motion carried
  • Gene Robinson addressed the Utah neighborhood bill James Dixon motioned for the chair or vice chair to research this bill and give an update at next council meeting due to time restraints, motion carried
  • Sharon Green motion to adjourn, motion carried