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August 1, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • Meeting called to order by Chair, There was a Quorum.
  • Introduction proceeded
  • Pledge of Allegiance was recited
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to defer the July minutes, motion carried
  • Treasure’s Report was read by Gene Robinson ( Checking has $2,464.650 and Savings has 4084.45) James Dixon motioned to approve the Treasures Report, motion carried
  • Bonnie Cummings discussed the 2008 Budget Request. Bonnie Cummings motioned to submit the 2008 budget request with a 3% increase from 2007 request: motioned carried.
  • Bonnie Cummings led the discussion of proposed ordinance to set standards for property maintenance. The good neighbor hood program brochure was distributed. At the discussion Paulina Flint suggested for a committee to be made. A committee was formed with 3 people (Carrie Hansen, Don Patocka, and Jolene Bradshaw). Their responsibility is to resource the ordinances, gather information and bring informant of these ordinances. A name of the committee is to be determined by committee.
  • Deputy Levy Hughs Talked and Discussed with the council about the updates of the Sheriff’s Office with in White City, including the working with other agencies around white city.
  • Paulina Flint Talked and Discussed about the Sheriffs station on Poppy Lane the contract for the Sheriffs department starts on July 1, 2007 for them to move in. The Sheriffs are waiting for the county to respond on the sidewalk and landscape plan. Captain Mickelson is working and waiting for Todd Draper.
  • Bev Uipi talked and discussed the Mayors Office Report including the compatible housing meeting to be held. Bev Uipi brought up to Carrie Hansen and council about White Towers getting assistance.
  • James Dixon asked Bev Uipi about the check from the county and was referred to (Jeff Silverstriny) and was told that the volunteer forms were being worked on by him and Janet Guyser. Bev stated that White City is the only council that has not received there check.
  • Greg Schultz talked and discussed the 1300 East Widening and 700 East. Greg Schultz stated that White City probably was not notified and proper process was not done correctly. Paulina Flint suggested putting out a flyer notifying the residents of the 1300 E. and 700E. East widening.
  • Council discussed sound wall barriers for the 700 E. and 1300 E. Bonnie Cummings stated that residents have not yet asked for these barriers.
  • Paul Smith asked about the lot on the south east corner of Sego Lily and 700 E. Paulina Flint stated that the county was trying sell the lot to the surrounding residents
  • The White City Council discussed the White City Monuments and displeases of the craftsman ship of the reconstruction. Also the two monuments that do not have wording were discussed and more money is needed to be raised to replace both.
  • Greg Schultz discussed the School District Split, Local Sheriffs District, and Cog and Wasatch Front.
  • James Dixon and council talked and discussed about the formation of a Beautification Awards Committee. Committee to be James Dixon, Bonnie Hoopes, Jake Burns and Carrie Dixon.
  • Jesse Harris did not produce a Utopia representative for presentation and was denied continuation of presentation.
  • Don Patocka talked and discussed the updates of the ACCT Committee.
  • Troy Blundell, Greg Shultz, and Council talked about the HB 40 education committee, the history of HB 40, the feasibility study, people involved and chair will invite Wickstram inc. to do a presentation to the Council
  • Greg Shultz requested to be go off the record
  • Paul Smith motioned to go into executive session, motion carried
  • Paul Smith motioned to nominated Troy Blundell to the HB 40 education committee. Motion carried.
  • Paulina Flint stated that she will write the letter addressing that motion and provide it to Tracy. Paulina Flint will set up a special meeting with all active and inactive councils that want, Tracy, and education committee to educate the on this issue
  • James Dixon stated that the website winner (Josh Awtry 571-8583) still needs to be paid and that the website needs more information provided and for all White City residents to look at the website and submit there input to the webmaster or James Dixon
  • Greg Shultz asked for the support for the “western coalition growth” for him to be a voting participate on behalf of White City Community Council
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to adjourn, motion carried