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May 2nd, 2007 @ 7:00 PM

Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105 


  • Welcomes and Introductions
  • Meeting called to order by chair (quorum present)
  • James Dixon motion to defer April Minutes Motion passed
  • Treasurer’s report was read and discussed
  • Paul Smith stood down as treasure
  • Bonnie Cummings gave up date on zoning i/e 1188e 10600s; Paulina Flint and Scott Harrington explained the sheriff substation update.
  • Scott Harrington asked for a letter of support from the White City Council which was supported last month with a motion for the support for the Sherriff Substation, Bonnie Cummings asked for Scott to send the verbiage of the conditional use.
  • Levi Hughs  read and discussed the sheriffs report
  • Paulina Flint read and discussed the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation White City Budget Requests
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to submit all the requests discussed and join with Dimple Dell advisory board for upgrades, improvements, additions and finish master plan. Motion Carried
  • Bonnie Cummings read and discussed the ACCT. report
  • Bonnie explained that the indemnification forms were still being worked on
  • Paulina Flint read and discussed the Utah Neighborhood Report
  • Troy Blundell read and discussed the HB40 report
  • James Dixon read and discussed the Newsletter and Website update
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to thank James Dixon for a job well done on the newsletter motion carried
  • Gene Robinson Motion to send a thank you letter to the website contributions motion carried
  • Paulina Flint and Council read and discussed the Jordan School District Split
  • Jim Johnson read and discussed the CERT. program
  • Jim Johnson and Council discussed the White City Town Days and the availability of “Big Bear Park”
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned that Jim Johnson to be the Chair of the White City Town Days and that every council member is required to participate and assist. Motion carried
  • Bev Uipi read and discussed the mayors report
  • Paulina Flint discussed the monuments and the update
  • James Dixon Motioned to Adjourn motion carried
  • Bonnie Cummings motion to re adjourn
  • Jim Johnson Motion to accept Gene Robinson as Treasure motion carried
  • Bonnie Cummings motioned to adjourn motion carried