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White City Community Council

Feb 7th, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105



  • 7:05 Meeting called to order by Chair, There was a Quorum.
  • Don Patocka (Vice Chair) Excused Paulina Flint
  • Pledge of allegiance was recited
  • James Dixon recited January minutes
  • Gene Robinson motion to approve January minutes, motion carried
  • Don Patocka read the 2006 year end auditor’s report and approval done by Leon Perry
  • Phil Rose motioned to approve auditor report, motion carried
  • Treasures books handed to Paul Smith (Treasurer)
  • Bonnie Cummings reported there was a board of adjustments last month on 1143 So Jolly Acres part of the unincorporated islands. We are the closest community council to represent them. They have requested a side yard set back changed from 10 feet to 3.2 feet and back yard set back from 30 to 14 feet. Bonnie stated that when a subdivision is less than 10 homes that we will not be notified of a change of conditional use, but we will be notified of zoning changes.
  • Bonnie Cummings reported on January 20th the planning and zoning commission meet about property 1188e 10600s for proposed zoning changes. It  was recommended to be denied, but needs to be sent in front of the county council.
  • Bonnie Cummings was contacted from the county about township signs that will go on the major streets in and out of White City. Which are (East end of Galena, Both ends of Carnation, south end of Larkspur, Both ends of 10600 So, both ends of Sego Lily, north end of Poppy.   Bonnie led the debate on where to put the signs. Bonnie motioned to request the 9 signs from the county, motion carried. Bonnie reported the ACCT report, noting who the new elected positions are. ACCT wanted to thank Paulina Flint and all whom that attended, for there involvement with the training that was provided. Bonnie reported that our ACCT dues have been turned in. Bonnie also reported that there will be a refuge price change and discussed the changes.
  • Council Welcomed Art Kimball, he discussed SB 130 and HB 362. The possible changes and legislator repercussions of these bills could affect County, City, Township, and Unincorporated area.
  • Council Welcomed Sheriff Winder. Winder introduced Levi Hughes and Capt. Nickelson.  Winder reported that there is to be a new Sheriffs office on 9400 S and 900 E. Levi Hughes talked about his background and the 24 hour coverage that we now have. Levi expressed his reassurance of how Winder makes sure of accountability. Levi and the Council talked about the affects of what the policing is  doing to the community.
  • Paulina Flint showed up during discussions with Levi Hughes then addressed the zoning issues with the parcel that the new sheriff’s office may be in. The planning commission and Paulina looked at the parcel maps and it was originally a nonconforming parcel and by combining the well site and the house it would make it a conforming parcel. And the process of combining the parcels is in theworks and will come up in the next council meeting. Bonnie asked if it would be a rezoning issue and Paulina stated that it would be a conditional use.
  • Council welcomed Beve Uipi, Beve talked about the positions that the county has budgeted for, part time position concerning HB 40 and working with community councils. Beve addressed Sanitation issue; she stated that the dumpster containers will be dropped off on schedule and asked if there were any concerns. Beve noted concerns and will take back the notes. Beve addressed the recycle bins and the cost associated with them. She stated that the schedule will  be the same. Beve addressed the county budget and Paulina stated that White City’s population according to the email sent out by Beve was correct. She invited councilman to attend an open forum to a meeting Feb 8th at 6:00 pm at the county building. Beve addressed the possible change to Quick books. She stated that the selection committee has been adjusted to 5 city, 5 unincorporated, 2 county employees. She addressed planning commission, if there are any planning commission issues it needs to be in writing.
  • Bonnie addressed this years budget and talked about what work has been done with the request and Beve talked about the funds available this year.
  • James Dixon reported the dollar amount for a newsletter to be sent out would be @ $1500.00 estimated from last newsletter sent out. James reported that next meeting there was to be some decisions made about the letter and the council will have to vote on it. Paulina suggested putting in a request to the county to get the funds for a quarterly letter sent. Sharon Green motioned to apply and amend the budget for a quarterly grant (4000) for the news letter. Discussion was held and motion carried. James addressed the website issue and he stated he is waiting for bids back from 5 different web designers and will have some idea about the cost at the next meeting.
  • Unified Fire  Mr. Spears provided to Paulina Flint a map of the services provided. Mr. Spears corrected last meetings mistake and reported that if you know anyone that needs a fire alarm and is in need of one not to call him directly but to call 743-7200 ask to speak to fire prevention and they will help that individual out. Spears also talked about the areas that UFA provide service
  • Paul Smith wanted to state he did not want volunteer’s for the committee on the Jordan school distract split fees ability. And he discussed the ramification of the split.
  • Bonnie readdressed the budget, discussion was held about amount of newsletter and educating the community about HB40 as well Paulina motioned to accept the proposed budget with the one amendment of the newsletter to be ($8000.00) Motion carried
  • Jim Johnson made a suggestion to set a date for the community town days. Paulina Flint Motioned to adjourn motion carried
  • Meeting was adjourned
  • Attendance of the White City Council
  • All Council Members were Present