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White City Community Council

Jan 3, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
Eastmont Middle School 10100 S 1300 E Room # 105


  • 7:05 Meeting called to order by Chair, There was a Quorum.
    Pledge of Allegiance was recited
    Secretary’s Report was reviewed, Paulina Flint motioned approval, motion carried.· Approval of December Minutes, Paulina Flint motioned approval, motion carried.

  • 2006 Year End Report, Paulina Flint motioned to defer to next meeting, motion carried. Due to audit pending

  • Treasurer’s Report Paulina Flint motioned to defer to next meeting, motion carried. Due to audit pending· Zoning Update 10600 S 1240 E Bonnie Cummings explained the situation: There was a preliminary discussion held with the planning zoning. Mr. Richard Lee is the owner of the property; Bonnie announced that Mr. Lee is here tonight. It was recommended to Mr. Lee to come back and talk to neighbors and community council regarding the division from ½ acre lots to smaller lots. Community Council has already had a motion for recommendation to not approve it. Bonnie Cummings reported the motion to the planning and zoning Commission and will be heard on the 24th of January 2007. No specific time was reported by Bonnie. Bonnie has not heard from anyone else about this matter. Paulina announced that due to public input that the Community Councils position had not changed and Bonnie will report that back to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

  • Salt Lake County Sheriff Update: Deputy Broadhead reported: and passed out maps of December’s “Calls to Service” as well as a questioner for the sheriff’s office to be filled out and collected at the meeting. Broadhead also reported that starting January 7th 2007 the plan that Sheriff Winder addressed with White City Council last meeting is to start and the officers have been picked. Levi Hughes will be the community oriented policing deputy. Paulina Flint reported that Capt. Nickelsons came to White City Water with a proposal to house the officers to have a substation in White City and White City Water may have a location for that agreement that would benefit the sheriffs dept., White City Water and White City Community.· For Freedom Sake Committee Request: Don Patocka Report, Don read the letter from Freedom Sake Committee and was filed with the Secretary. Paulina Flint reported that the White City Township plaques will move forward due to the request of the Freedom Sake Committee. Paulina contacted each Council member about this issue.

  • Legislative update: None

  • Jordan School District Split Feasibility Study and need to form a study committee. Paulina stated that Paul Smith (not present) wants to volunteer, and that she would like 3 volunteers and that Sandy City will pay for it.

  • Creation of HB 40 Study Committee Paulina Stated that Acct. has there own advisory committee although White City needs there own advisory committee. Bonnie reported that Acct. would have 4 representatives from cities, 4 representatives from Acct. or Community Councils as well as 2 representatives from Salt Lake County Government. This group would be apart of granting survey or monitoring the group of the feasibilities of being a township and what the ramifications are associated with each possibility. No volunteers at this time.

  • Road Improvement issues and need for a committee to determine repairs needed: Phil Rose motioned to committee to determine repairs needed, motion carried. Committee is to be Gene Robinson, Phil Rose and James Dixon.

  • Newsletter Committee Paulina stated that there needs to be a decision on how and how often information is to be distributed. James Dixon asked about the production of the website, in response the website was not done but it was stated from Bonnie Cummings that there was $500.00 allotted for a website. Paulina stated that a newsletter needs to be distributed, atop of  any other form of distribution. Bonnie Cummings stated that she has a process that she would like to share of how to do news letters. Don Patocka and James Dixon announced that they would be willing to be part of a committee for the Newsletter. Paulina stated that she would get in touch with the Sandy Journal to see about distribution and rules associated with the distribution.

  • Other Business Council welcomed Battalion Chief Spears (UFA) and he addressed that the UFA wanted a more active role in all of the Community Councils. Paulina asked for a map from Chief Spears defining boundaries of service areas of UFA. Chief Spears agreed to provide Paulina this map via email. Phil Rose asked Chief Spears about senior citizen smoke alarm program and Spears response was that it doesn’t matter about age, if any person reported their needs for alarms to contact him and he would notify the department to get a hold of the person and they would take care of it. Paulina asked for information regarding the level of service we receive from the fire department.  Paulina addressed the training provided from Acct. and invited all council members for the date of January 6th 2007 at the Salt Lake County Building, and took a count of members that would attend. Paulina stated that there needs to be two zoning reps that would have the same responsibility for the purpose of cross training. Bonnie reported that the 2006 election cost from the county was that there is no cost, that there was a mix up in pricing, and that this was a one time occurrence. That in 2007 we could receive in August/September the list for pricing of these items. Paulina motioned to send a letter to Sherrie Swenson thanking her for waving the 2006 cost, motion carried. Bonnie motioned to destroy the election ballets, motion carried. A citizen spoke about the zoning issues of the 10600 S 1240 E and Bonnie Cummings spoke to this gentleman about the issue and explained the situation.· Acct. Report Bonnie Cummings stated that Acct. will be holding elections thru the executive board and announced nominees. Bonnie asked on behalf of Acct. if there were any fillings or discussion that any White City Community Council Member may have about the nominees. Acct. will be forming a legislative committee and is asking for at least one representative from each council, but does not have to be a council person. Let Bonnie or Paulina know. Bonnie stated that Acct. is updating membership from all community councils for the purpose of getting the information put on the county website thru Acct.

  • Bev Uipi was welcomed by the White city Community Council. She was assigned from the Mayor to be the community relation role and to be this as a permanent position. Bev thanked the council for there involvement and their contributions. She explained a little of her back ground. She also stated that there will be a new form that will be needed for budget requests from the county. She stated that the county is hiring 2 part time employees for dealing, hand and hand with community councils.

  • Paulina motioned to adjourn, motion carried

  • Meeting was adjourned 

Attendance of the White City Community Council


  • Phil Rose
  • James Dixon
  • Bonnie Cummings
  • Sharon Green
  • Paulina Flint
  • Gene Robinson
  • Don Patocka



  • Jim Johnson Not excused at this time
  • Paul Smith   Excused